Discover all our activities designed as training programs!


A teambuilding game that moves to your workplace or meeting location

A short (or not so short) teambuilding activity, Venue Explorer is played in teams and creates the ideal context for communication and collaboration between all participants.
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Familiarize your “new ones” and position yourself as a fashionable employer

The Graduate Challenge is an intelligent game designed to familiarize new recruits with their new work environment and your corporate values. At the same time make them feel how appreciated they are by you as a contemporary employer!
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Improve your management efficiency “in concert”

Strings attached is an interactive workshop led by a string quartet (2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello), which will allow you to study from close up the challenges to arrive at good teamwork.
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Move to “Gaming” to boost networking and learning

Exhibition Explorer is an innovative game which allows visitors to engage in an interactive manner at professional fairs, salons and workshops.
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Abracadabra! The museum is transformed into a fun place, sheltered from bad weather

Why limit yourself to walking the corridors and just looking with your eyes? The Museum Explorer is a teambuilding game which is adaptable to all types of museums, and which will transform your visit into a fun, collaborative, active and interactive experience.
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Envelop your team in green with this relaxing, fun and electrifying activity!

Jump on our fun & “high tech” electric bicycles, enjoy this pleasant excursion in the countryside, and perk up from this discovery ride that will take you places where cars aren’t even allowed to go! A scent of childhood sprinkled with a touch of modernity.
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Transform the city into a fun play zone to give your teams a boost

Grab your (or our) tablets! The City Explorer will make you disco­ ver a city in a fun way, creating the ideal context for collaboration and healthy competition between teams.
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A unique combination of vintage and high tech — Unforgettable memories !

Enter the mythical 2CV for a rally made of orientation, discovery, fun activities... and competition!
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Take on the role of an orchestra conductor thanks to this exceptional workshop

Meet the Orchestra presents your management team an exclu­sive experience in the midst of a professional chamber orchestra ­- you may even conduct yourself!
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