COVID-19: Motivate your teams in teleworking

Most of us, all accross the countries, are working from home. The “lucky” ones attend their conference calls in a quiet room, isolated from children’s laughter, while others share the kitchen table with their other half and the kids. Keeping motivation can become tricky …

In light of the current social distancing guidelines, we have developed a new way of team bonding: virtual teambuilding solutions to keep employees connected, motivated and inspired – all without leaving the comfort and safety of home.

If you can work remotely, you can also do fun activities remotely!

3 Remote Team Building themes to choose from

1. Daily Kick-Off – Boost the motivation of your teams and take them out of their isolation. Every day or every week, during a set period of time, challenges will be released to player’s devices before (s)he starts the working day. more info

2. The Team Quiz Challenge – Our Team Social Challenge is designed to replace the after-work social, encouraging teams to let their hair down and have a laugh! more info

3. Virtual Away Day – The aim of the game is simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time! Collaboration is essential for a good team strategy, the key to winning this challenge! more info

With a huge variety of content and app features, the remote challenges are designed to recreate the things that we love about working in a busy office, interactions with colleagues, informal chats at the coffee machine, the monday morning meetings …

All the activities can be conducted in French, Dutch or English and played with colleagues in any other countries. For your events in other languages, we’ll activate our international network.