To better meet your needs, The Good Time Company works on new teambuidling activities, both fun and educational.

We promise solutions for:

  • teambuilding
  • social event
  • learning & development programs to strengthen leadership skills
  • original ideas to launch new products
  • playful and interactive means to enliven your stand at a commercial fair
  • indoor animations
  • a short animation, to alleviate a heavy program in a playful manner
  • a uniquely themed activity (e.g. around Christmas time,…)
  • a unique way to discover a region or city
  • an original activity tailor-made for your target group (students, managers, sales team,…)
  • an eco-conscious activity
  • a sporty activity (but not too sporty!)
  • an original program for your management team
  • ...


From March 14 2016, you will find extensive information about these 12 solutions:

Venue Explorer

Museum Explorer

Exhibition Explorer

Graduate Challenge

Interactive Quiz

City Explorer

eBike Discovery Tour

eBike City Tour

2CV Rally

Initiation in eco driving in 2CV

Meet the Orchestra 

Strings attached


With The Good Time Company: Promote the internal communication among your colleagues, and give them a good time away from the office…

Until March 14 2016, the previous website is still available here


  • We surely recommend The Good Time Company to all people who want to live an off-the-beaten-tracks (and this is not a play-on-word) experience, and spend a special day amongst colleagues and friends.

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