Play our Quiz Discovery Game

This game can be played on smartphone or tablet, on our “Mobile Adventures” application.
It presents the main functionalities integrated into the virtual and hybrid activities offered by The Good Time Company.

10 Level Game

You can play it alone or with your colleagues, your friends, your family, the members of a club to which you belong, … Duration: 20 to 30 minutes (but only the points count, not your speed!).

If you are reading this page on a smartphone or tablet, just click on the link below. It will simultaneously install the app and the game.

On smartphone
<- Login Screen ->
On tablet

If you are reading this page on a computer:
1- Download our “Mobile Adventures” application (green star on white background) on a smartphone or tablet;
2- Scan the code below (or enter this encrypted code 514929609983, and then click “download game”).

Final tips

-> Authorize the Application to access the camera !!

-> The game language matches the language of your smartphone/tablet. If you want to play in English, make sure your smartphone/tablet settings are in English.

Have fun and good luck :-)